A First Tech Home Loan offers you



You may benefit from this Home Loan Offer if you're:

  • Buying your first property;
  • Changing your primary residence; or
  • Buying your second residence;

as long as the purchased property will be used for your personal residential requirements.

You will be able to use the loan for the purchase, construction, completion, reconstruction, alteration or improvement of the property you will be purchasing.  Kitchens, photovoltaic panels, air conditioning systems and solar water heaters are considered as part of completion works.


How it works


Loan Amount

  • The loan amount will depend on the level of income and the value of the property;
  • You will be requested to contribute 3% of the total project cost for loan amounts up to $507,00,000;
  • A 3% contribution of the total cost of the project will be requested for loan amounts above $507,00,000.

Term of Loan

The loan can be taken for a term until you reach the age of 40 years, giving you the possibility of repaying your loan throughout your working life.  This will help you lower your monthly repayments over a longer loan term.  

Interest Rates

Advantageous rates are applicable throughout the duration of the term as follows:

The interest rate is 3%

Processing Fee Refund

A full refund of the Processing Fee is applicable if you are buying your first property or changing your existing primary residence.

    Equity Release Loan

    In addition to the Home Loan, you may also opt for an Equity Release Loan to finance any personal requirements you might have. Features of the Equity Release Loan include:

    • A term up to 25 years (not exceeding 40 years of age);
    • An interest rate of 3.% p.a.
    • bank statements of all accounts held with other banks; and 
    • a signed copy of your new home's preliminary agreement.

    Steps towards a home of your dreams

    1. Contact us to apply for home loan
    2. Home loan offer
    3. Loan negotiation over the phone, online or at a bank branch
    4. Purchase of a home


    Make sure already today that you have a loan offer when you find a home of your dreams

    When the loan offer is ready and you have found the home of your dreams, you can also sign the loan agreements electronically. The loan offer is effective for three months and does not require taking up a loan. For the electronic signature, you need your personal online service user identifiers. This is how you will not visit a branch until you conclude the deal.

    Choose a loan that adapts to your life situation

    Buying a home is the biggest investment of many Finns. We can offer you a safe home loan that can be adapted to your life situations. If needed, you can have a loan repayment holiday and, for example, save money for future purchases alongside with repayment.

    As an owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses through your home loan

    Our home loan stands out from other banks' loans because it brings value-for-money OP bonuses to you as owner-customer. For example, a loan of 250,000 euros may generate bonuses worth over 600 euros a year. They will be used, for example, to pay a real estate agent commission or to set off, say, the insurance premium for your new home!


    Take the first step to your home dreams by seeing how much you can borrow and getting prequalified. Prequalification can give you a leg up in a competitive market, and can ease your mind when taking on the task of financing a home.  Important things to understand before getting started:

    An application is a formal request for a loan.

    A prequalification is a request for "a preliminary determination" on the amount the requestor would likely qualify for, and how much that credit would likely be.  A prequalification is not a loan.

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